Book Review – Come With Me by Suzanne Eller


Book Review

Today I am going to do something I haven’t done yet before, write a book review! If you know me, you know I am super passionate about reading. I am a serious bookworm and enjoy reading all sorts of fiction and non-fiction. But above all, the kinds of books I love to read most are books that will help me grow personally and more importantly, with my relationship with God.

With that being said, I just finished the most wonderful book that I had been anticipating the release of for months: Come With Me: Discovering the beauty of following where He leads by Suzanne Eller. And can I just say that I loved it? I am pretty sure my husband had to hear me tell him how much I loved it over a dozen times while reading this book.

In her book Come With Me, Suzanne takes us on a beautiful life-changing journey through what it looks like if we were to say “Yes” to Jesus when asked to come with Him. She takes the lives and lessons learned from the twelve disciples and makes it relatable to many challenges and thoughts that we face every day. I was inspired and in tears through many of the moving stories and relatable struggles written in her book. Suzanne asks herself and encourages us to ask ourselves some hard questions that will help challenge us to grow our faith.

“Our encounters with Jesus as his disciple become less about the end destination and more about the invitation to trust him, wherever that leads, whatever he asks us to do. For Jesus meets us where we are with one plan in mind: to change us forever.” – Suzanne Eller, Come With Me.

The picture Suzanne paints in this book, is that we are a disciple of Jesus, and what a beautiful picture that is.

I encourage you, if you haven’t read this book yet, please do so! I purchased my copy off of Amazon, click here to get yours!

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