Saturday Sweets: Guest Post by Jennifer Moye


Welcome to Saturday Sweets! Each Saturday instead of my normal blog posts, I will be featuring either a guest blogger, a book review, a recipe, an open letter, or something else fun to share.

This Saturday I am so excited to introduce you to my friend, Jennifer Moye! I met Jen through COMPEL training. She has been such a blessing in my life and I love reading her words. Because my theme for May is Rewriting Relationships, she is sharing from her heart on the topic of Friendship. I hope you are encouraged by her words and check out her blog for some other fantastic posts on God, motherhood and life.

Guest PostJennifer Moye

Motherhood brings with it an abundance of joy! Baby giggles, precious hugs, first home runs, and snuggles on the couch. One thing motherhood also brings is a whirlpool of responsibilities, emotions, and an endless to-do list. I like to think the joy part far outweighs the later . . . most days. As I look back on my experience thus far as a mom there is one area I have had to be very intentional about making a priority to nurture. Friendship.

As moms, we can become so consumed in our children and husband that we neglect to care for ourselves physically, spiritually, and emotionally. After all, they should always come first right? Right . . . ?

When we turn to God’s Word we find a lot of what He has to say about friendship. It was important enough to be mentioned 53 times! I believe having Godly friendships are key to our wellness as a mother and wife (to read more about wellness check out this post). One of my favorite passages on this topic is from Proverbs:

Where there is guidance, the people fall. But in the abundance of counselors there is victory. Proverbs 11:14 

For me this verse is HUGE! I am a major external thinker. And to be honest, sometimes I think out loud a little too much. The Amplified version says when the “people fall” it is if they are “going off course like a ship without a helm”. A helm is a steering wheel for a boat. Without my friends I am like a boat being tossed among the waves with no way to steer. My friends are my counselors. They help steer me on the path that is Godly and right. They keep me accountable. They offer me a place to be vulnerable and bare my soul without the fear of judgement or condemnation. They love me. They invest in me. They help bring me to victory in life.


There are only a few people that I call my true friends. These relationships have taken time to build and we have had to be very intentional about making time for each other. We are all busy women being pulled in many directions. One thing unites us. Jesus. Well, Jesus and coffee. ☺

I will admit there have been times in my life where I did not take the time to seek out or nurture friendships. These were some of the darkest times of my life. God’s Word tells us of great friendships like Ruth and Naomi (Ruth 1:16-17), David and Jonathan (1 Samuel 18:1-3), Elijah and Elisha (2 Kings 2:2), and don’t forget Job’s amazing friends (Job 2)!  We were not meant to live this life as lonely servants to our families. We are meant to live this life in abundance and in community with others. 

So how do we “manage” these friendships with our busy lives? First, in prayer! If you are reading this today and thinking to yourself, “Well that’s nice, but I don’t have any friends” let me encourage you to start praying and watching for the people that come into your life. Sometimes we have to be pretty intentional about making friends. Attend women’s functions at your church, go on that school field trip with your son, and the best way I have found to make Godly friends . . . serve alongside others within your local church. I promise you they need the help. God will answer your request for friends, especially when you get down to serving Him and His people.

Another thing I hear women saying quite frequently is that they don’t have time for friends. I’m sorry, but really? In today’s world of texting and Facebook you don’t have 2 seconds to stay in touch? Being friends doesn’t mean you have to hang out for 10 hours a week at the mall. It means you are communicating on a frequent basis, doing life together can look different for everyone. For me, this looks like a group message titled “My Jesus Crew”. It consists of myself and my two very best friends. We probably chat on there several times a week. Some weeks it is a long conversation, some weeks it is a stressed out, wild emoji. The point being that in a quick second (literally sometimes while in the bathroom) I can communicate with my “crew” how my week is going. We cover each other in prayer. We share burdens. We rejoice in achievements. We love on each other through all that life brings us. When I need to vent, that is where I head. When I am unsure of how to respond, yep . . . I ask them. They love me enough to correct me when I am wrong and steer me down the path closer to Him. We live hundreds of miles apart, yet they are my counsel. My strength. My abundance. I am richer and fuller because of them.

How have you invested in your friendships today? Do you have any Godly relationships yet? If not, I can’t encourage you enough to start praying and looking. We are all on this journey together and it is so much better spent in the company of others!

mjennifer2-1Jennifer Moye writes from a place of transparency and with the heart of a mom passionate about God’s will for her family. Her candid sense of humor makes her writing easy and enjoyable to read. She speaks with an authentic style that will have you laughing with relatability yet challenged to step up to your next highest calling in your walk with God. Jennifer is wife to an Airman and mom to three rambunctious little boys. With excitement on a daily basis and grace around every corner, she believes we are meant to live this life in community with others and with the mercy to mess up and try again….and again. Being a mom is hard, but it is also one of the greatest callings we can have in this life. Her ministry to women is relevant and heartfelt with her core passion being that we learn to glorify our God in our parenting, our marriage, and in our everyday lives.  

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  1. Meg Weyerbacher

    So thankful for you, Chelsey! Jen’s words are tapping lightly on my heart. I finally hung out with a dear friend this past Saturday, but I took too long to do it. As I am writing about my personal struggles overcoming fear of failure (in friendships is one of them!), these words are a reminder to me to “Come out, come out where ever I am!” And stop living life in a hole. It was a process for me and I’m just now able to be myself around others without experiencing some kind of anxiety. Thank you Chelsey, and thank you Jen for nudging us forward into seeking healthy relationships, which is what we were made for!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jenmoye

    Meg, so glad you stopped in! I too have experienced friendships that caused more stress and anxiety than positive energy. It drove me into a hole of guarding myself and my heart from experiencing that pain and frustration again. It feels like a safe place to be, but it isn’t a healthy place to be. I am so glad you are finding the courage in Him to keep pursuing those healthy relationships! I know it’s hard, but our God is big. Prayed for you this morning friend!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. RebeccaLynn

    😦 This is a post that hits home for me on many levels. I’m so thankful that through a lot of friendship heartache, God has shown me that godly women are the best friends we can choose. Choose wisely! I completely disagree with the notion that “best friends can go for years without saying a word and pick up as if not a day’s gone by.” You are so right that in today’s world, there is no excuse for not staying in touch. I’m trying to let God heal my wounded and disappointed heart – and to realize that through my valleys, He’s leading me to another mountaintop! Thank you for these beautiful words, Jen! You are a new friend – and one who brings such wisdom to my life!!

    Liked by 2 people

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