Saturday Sweets: Share Day!


Welcome to Saturday Sweets! Each Saturday instead of my normal blog posts, I will be featuring either a guest blogger, a book review, a recipe, an open letter, or something else fun to share.

This Saturday I will be sharing some of my blogging friends’ writing on relationships. Explore some of the blog posts below and find new writing you’ll love to read and make new friends to connect with. Because my theme for May is Rewriting Relationships, all of the posts below will have something to do with relationships.

Boundaries and a Friend – by Marina at Accordant Life.

Looking for the Best in my Husband – by Crystal at Intentionally Pursuing.

The Zipper – by Megs at Sunny & 80.

Expressing Love Through Language Barriers – by Carolina at Cisneros Cafe.

The Gift of Loneliness – by Meredith at Oceans Deep.

How Do You Know I Love You – by Jennifer at A Momma’s Joy

I hope you enjoyed my friends’ posts as much as I did. While there are so many blog posts out there that I have loved, I picked just a few to share with you today. 




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  1. Megs

    Thanks for featuring my little space! I love this theme. Relationships can be tricky, tricky, tricky …and I love reading other viewpoints on the topic. Happy Saturday!!

    Liked by 1 person

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