First Step – PRAY!

With technology so easily accessible at my fingertips, I have gotten into a bad habit.  When my life is a mess and I feel like I’m about to pull my hair out – I pick up my phone.  Yep, I make a phone call to vent to someone who I know loves me: my mother, my husband, my girlfriend.  Someone who I know will get it, or even if they don’t, they’ll listen.  This is a destructive habit I’ve gotten myself into, friends.

When my life is troubled, who should I really be going to?  God.  Not my mom, not my husband, not my friends.  If I had really surrendered to God and made a promise to put Him first, that means in everything.  When I feel so frustrated I’m near tears I should be crying out to my God, my Father, my Creator.  Scripture tells us in Philippians 4:6 “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.”  When life gets crazy – instead of picking up the phone, kneel down to pray.


God has really called me out on this, so I have been working hard to really put this to the test.  Let’s look at an example from just this past week.  My husband has been under the weather and under an extreme amount of pressure with his schoolwork – so this hasn’t always made him the most pleasant to be around at times.  I found myself getting extremely frustrated and annoyed with him this past week, and instead of letting it fester inside of me, yelling at him, or calling someone to vent: I prayed.  I prayed to God over our marriage, over my husband and then most importantly, over myself.  God answered my prayers so quickly – I was floored!  Instead of healing my husband and suddenly making him cheerful, He healed me!  God gave me compassion for my husband instead of irritation and I found myself at the kitchen table writing him an encouraging / get well soon note.  Do you think that put my husband in a better mood that day? Yep! Do you think if I would have done any other option it would have gone as well? Nope.

Prayer works, and many times I find the Lord doesn’t change your circumstances out right, but he changes your attitude.  So this weekend I challenge you: If you find yourself getting frustrated with your kids, your spouse, your friend – pray.  Sometimes God doesn’t answer as quickly as others, and if you have prayed about it – it’s okay to seek wise counsel and talk to others and maybe ask for prayers.  Just make sure you know where your heart is when you speak to others about a situation, especially if it concerns other people. I know that is something I’ve been working on every day!

Prayer:  Father God, I thank you so much for prayer.  Thank you for giving us access to you at any time to come to you with our burdens, our worries and our needs.  Help me to continue to come to You first instead of going to others.  I love You and I want to continue to put You first in all aspects of my life.  Amen.

Discussion:  Do you have an example you could share where prayer really changed your moment of frustration?


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  1. Michele Fuerst

    Prayer is so powerful! I’ve seen this over and over again! I turn to God in prayer right away before I’ve gone to anyone else. Once I’ve talked to God, I no longer need to go to anyone else. I always feel an instant feeling of peace come over me, because I know God is there and He’ll take care of it. I don’t know why but I find myself in these situations where I need to talk to God right away, and often times it’s in the bathroom! Not long ago when there was some friction going on with my daughter-in-law involving my grand daughter I went to Life Group and asked for Prayers. Before I left Life Group I went to the bathroom. In there I prayed and cried to God. I got home and again prayed. After praying I felt that feeling of peace again. I knew everything was going to be okay. Just then my daughter-in-law brought my grand daughter downstairs to give me a kiss and hug and say good night! That was ALL God!!! When I got home my daughter-in-law was trying to get my grand daughter to sleep in her room, My grand daughter is rarely awake when I get home from Life Group. Even when I turn to God in situations like this the first thing I do is thank Him for all the Blessings He has given me and all that He has done for me.

    Thank you, Chelsey, for your blogs and sharing your journey!

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