Anchored in Christ

Have you ever been so lost or so in despair that you have actually lost hope?  I’ve been there.  I use to sometimes feel like I was drowning with all the things going on in my life and my world.  I felt so hopeless.  Now days, I look around and I see so many people in the same place I was in.  So, why do we lose hope?  In Hebrews 6:19 it is written “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.”

In order to steady a boat that is being tossed about by waves at sea, an anchor is released from the boat to hold that ship steady.  If the anchor is left inside the boat, it does it no good.  It has to be released from the boat and hold on to something firm in order to steady itself.

When life is a big wave, tossing us around and we feel like we are about to drown, what do we have to anchor us down?  We need to hold on to something firm and secure that is never changing and always stays the same.  In all my years of searching there is only one thing that can do that: God.  He is never changing, always the same.  He promises us eternal life through His amazing Son, Jesus Christ.  That is true hope.

Prayer:  Lord, it is so easy for me to lose hope in such a fallen world.  Sometimes I feel like I am drowning and being hit by wave after wave.  Help me stay anchored in You, Lord, to hold me steady any time I am near a storm.  Help me to remember that You are my hope when I feel like it is lost.  Thank you for always being with me so my hope can never truly be lost.  Amen.


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